Wholistic Growth for Future Generations

Leadership Program Case Study

Study Results

Florida A&M University, Florida International University, Florida State University, Florida Memorial Univeristy and Miami Dade College student interns participated in the leadership program  from 2013-2016.

This is the average annual data that was collected.

Events– Our events and leadership program created community awareness and made healthy living a culture at FAMU as they created a Get FIT FAMU organization on campus that is dedicated to spreading health awareness at Florida A&M University and the community.

Interns– We had a total of 79 interns participate in our leadership program. Many received community service and an internship grade from their Universities. They learned the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and created healthy living awareness in their communities.

Health Card– Our free health cards created community awareness.

Subway– Over a one year period over 100 people came in to use our health card monthly at two subway locations.

Health Cards– 5000 health cards were passed out annually into the Tallahassee Community in a three year span and over 2000 cards were used annually.

Healthy Living Curriculum– Health curriculum was downloaded for free on line and utilized by church Sunday schools after school programs and trainings for persons with disabilities.

Online video game– Online video game was advertised and played over 100,000 times on our website.

Social Media– Over 1,000,000 viewers of our health videos and daily healthy message postings.

Sneakers– Over 5000 Who Got Game youth sneakers were passed out for free to the low income, minority communities to create healthy living awareness.

Family Case Study– We choose one family to use our healthy living curriculum weekly for one year in 2010. Ages 30, 15, 3 and 4.  The family drastically increased their health awareness. The mother is now studying to become a nutritionist. The 15 year old now teaches health programs with the Boys and Girls Club. The 4 year old boy is very fit and plays football. The 3 year old girl is now a red belt in karate practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Persons with disabilities– Veterans and Persons with Disabilities are our most obese population at 80%. We taught healthy living curriculum to two persons with disabilities for one year. A 30 year old man with cerebal palsy and a 35 year old female mentally retarded diagnosis. Their obesity awareness was drastically increased and they are now practicing living a healthy lifestyle.

The WGG Leadership Program will create a healthy culture in every community we touch. With full collaboration this program will create Wholistic Growth for Generations!